United4PrEP is a coalition of nearly one hundred organisations and individuals committed to encouraging the UK government to provide pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) nationally, to people at high risk of contracting HIV.

PrEP is an optional treatment which may be taken by people who are HIV negative, but who have substantial, higher-than-average risk of contracting an HIV infection.

Two European studies of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), PROUD and IPERGAY, reported their results in February 2015. Both studies showed that PrEP was a highly effective method of HIV prevention, reducing new infections by 86%.

Meanwhile, rates of new HIV infections are far too high. The NHS urgently needs to make PrEP available.

An NHS England process to evaluate PrEP is underway, but any decision to provide PrEP will not be implemented until late 2016 at the earliest. This is too long to wait.

We are calling for earlier access to PrEP. The NHS must speed up its evaluation process and make PrEP available as soon as possible. Interim arrangements should be agreed now to provide PrEP to those at the highest risk of acquiring HIV.

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